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This site is about conscious travel, health, wellness travel and lifestyle inspiration from all over the world


My mission is to empower others through movement, practice and inspiration

i guide individuals who are motivated and ready to transform their life and grow!

I am a holistic health & wellness trauma-informed practitioner (teaching yoga, somatic movement and embodiment, counseling) offering individual one-on-one sessions and group classes.

I am an educator, healing guide, teacher, counselor, mentor, space holder and wisdom worker.

Individual sessions are in person or over the phone/online.

Integrated healing sessions draw from the modalities that I have studied, practiced and embodied in my own life.

My movement practice is a dance between ancient wisdoms and modern techniques. 

My passions are dancing, teaching, healing, traveling and learning.

My medium is movement.

My purpose is to help those who have experienced injustice and are living in pain to transition to a flourishing, thriving, vibrant life. I am personally familiar with such injustices, such as physical and emotional abuse that resulted in complex PTSD in my case, along with depression, anxiety, addiction, codependency, chronic pain, chronic illness and auto-immune diagnoses. I decided I would be the generation that stops these ancestral and family lineage and regional, historical dysfunctional patterns of violence and disempowerment. Additionally, I want to help others with all the physical and health & wellness modalities I have learned and studied to help my scoliosis, low energy, fatigue and MTHFR genetic variant (epigenetics). My goal is to empower motivated individuals to learn emotional and physical body intelligence along with boundaries, discernment, and true connection to their own needs while providing them with a variety of resources to live a vibrant, flourishing and thriving life. I am inspired to help those who are ready to transform their life and grow.

My hero’s journey / healing journey began at age 28 when I suffered from panic attacks so I began to dive into the study of Ayurveda and alternative therapies since regular doctors were not able to help me or find out what was wrong with me. I was living in Washington, DC and stressed out from graduate school, so I found the Tulsi Holistic Health Center and began to do acupuncture and other healing modalities there which helped me. I was always drawn to the healing arts but didn’t heed the call until my life was so stressful and I was so burnt out that I couldn’t proceed any longer. I began to peel back the layers and began ten years ago to learn more which constantly led me further down my path.

I help individuals through my offerings and my own experiences which have developed my resilience and courage. By showing up repeatedly and consistently in a meaningful, positive and empowered way. I help set goals, live in alignment and clarity with my highest self, practice self-care, self-love and self-trust.

I am also a seeker by nature and share inspiration from around the world. This site is also full of passions and interests written by a professional traveler / explorer who sets out to experience ancient wisdom and spiritual traditions around the world like a modern day female version of Joseph Campbell - a true nomadic spirit and world wanderer. 

Amaharini is a title blended of Sanskrit and my first name - I created this artistic nom de plume several years ago while in India.  I nurture creative souls - artists - therapists - all entrepreneurs. Everyone is born to create, yet this modern life somehow causes us to forget it. 


I trained to be a diplomat. After working internationally in the private/academic/public/NGO-sectors at the intersection of development, geopolitics, security and business for over a decade and a half, I began my transition to a more creative and entrepreneurial life, seeking more personal fulfillment.

I obtained my undergraduate degree from Emory University, a masters degree from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown and a global mba from New York University/London School of Economics/Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris. I speak Spanish, Portuguese and German, can get by with basics in a few others and have a trusted network of global sources.

After all the intellectual development, I needed to focus on my body as well for better integration. I became a health coach, a registered teacher with the Yoga Alliance (RYT-500) and have been learning about trauma therapy (complex and ptsd) and neuroscience for over ten years as I am the daughter of a Vietnam veteran who experienced all the above. I have for the past few years been delving into kinesthetic and interoceptive awareness along with somatic intelligence - the subtle workings of the body and its structural and foundational mechanisms for optimal functioning, movement and embodiment. I dance, practice pilates, yoga, gyrotonic, gyrokinesis, Feldenkreis method, Thai yoga bodywork and so much more.


I have observed my life cycles, patterns and ongoing search. I, along with many others, have a need for meaning, connection and profundity in life. Thus many of us are drawn to the healing arts: health, wellness, psychology, the environment, education, culture, and philosophy. My story is one of a life encompassing all of these. There are definitely threads that run through it all; a fine eye sees where they are interwoven. Like most people whose instincts have pushed them for healing, my desire is to help others – those around me and/or far away – wherever it may be.

I aim to help others by sharing my stories and inspirations. The material here is what has turned out to be a rather contrarian life curriculum which has worked for me – I only hope that it is as helpful for you. In my transition to a more holistic life, I completed my 200 hour and 300 hour level yoga teacher trainings at the Asheville Yoga Center,  another 200 hour training program in ashtanga at the Miami Life Center, have undertaken Ayurvedic studies in India which are ongoing through the Sevanti Institute and have studied Life Force Yoga at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas.

I hope this site inspires you to explore new places and possibilities for a fulfilling life and to expand to your infinite potential. Feel free to leave a comment, connect with me for healing sessions or follow me on social media!

Yours truly, the Global Wellness Seeker