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Ayurveda in India with Sevanti

This past February I had the most amazing ayurveda trip to India with James Bailey's Sevanti program which can be found at www.sevanti.com - I met him through Asheville Yoga Center where I took his ayurveda workshop and then signed up for the annual trip to Kerala, Varanasi, Agra and Delhi as part of the program to become an ayurveda wellness coach. To my delight and surprise, the majority of the group was comprised of my fellow southerners, from all around Georgia, Nashville and North Carolina. To go half way around the world to meet these fellow light workers and wellness practitioners was such synchronicity for me as I am always wanting to make more connections and meet more good people in our region who do important wellness work.

I will write more over time but first I will share the photos and elaborate on the experience as time goes on. Allow me to just say that the experience is life changing. It was my second trip to India. I had stayed one month there four years ago and now to be back in different parts of India was exhilirating. It is an assault on every one of your senses and we saw and participated in so many ancient rituals that are thousands of years old from the Vedic times that it takes a long time to process it all. There is so much to learn and absorb, from the sattvic quality of Kerala's people and tropical nature and backwaters to the spiritual legacy of Varanasi and the Ganges. I felt the healing that I was undergoing and still have it with me. Now for a few glimpses...