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Farmlife in Uruguay

During my first visit to Uruguay, I stayed with friends in their friends' house for whom they were housesitting. Apparently this happens a good bit there. It was quite the bohemian dwelling. And it was during winter so there was always a fire going in the fireplace. On the second visit, we stayed at another house, this one off grid and above an olive grove, also during winter since that seems to be when I always visit. I could hear the wind howling at night around the walls, pushing against the bedroom window. What a great experience it was to even slightly live in the elements much more so than we are accustomed to on a regular basis. This past year, on my 3rd visit, it was actually summer there, so I was witness to the incredible sunsets that appeared as if the sky were on fire. The dogs love it, the kids love it - their playground is nature - and I could rest at ease just soaking it all in - the green, the blue, the sun, the air. And Garzon - the village. We finally visited since my friend had gotten me into watching (or rather, being mesmerized by)  Chef's Table and we were in love with the episode on Francis Mallman. We fell in love with him and his theatricality, his flair, his creations, his spirit and what he represented - true freedom and essence. I love to hear the stories and adore learning the process of artists and entrepreneurs - what they went through, their struggles. His restaurant and the entire tiny village of Garzon did not disappoint. On the contrary, we were enchanted and when we left we were still floating and going on and on about our experience. Our senses were stoked. Incidentally, he certainly knows how to make a living as an artist as well - a flourishing one.