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Atlanta gems

I came back to the ATL after 12 years away. 2015 was the first summer I spent here so I went with friends to explore the farmers markets all over. Below you can see shots from the one at Freedom Parkway and The Carter Center (where I used to work years ago and loved it!) - beautiful flowers  and heavenly sights, lots of good food and even dog friendly. I had forgotten how green and lush this town is - it can be quite beautiful. If you're a nature junkie like me, you'll love all the surrounding trails - we are at the foothills of the Appalachian Trail so there is tons of hiking. The Botanical Garden is not to be missed. Piedmont Park in Midtown even has a Noguchi designed playground from the '70s. I guess I had to return from New York to find this since I'm a huge fan of the Noguchi sculpture museum in Queens and I used to visit it often. They say to enjoy the ATL you need to know someone who lives here and that's the truth. I still don't think there is lots to do here tourist wise because if you're not a kid, it's pretty painful to see the Coca Cola museum and the CNN tour once is more than enough. That said, just taking in the local culture can keep one entertained. Especially since after being away for over a decade, I learned how exotic the South is to the rest of the world. Actually I learned that at college when I was surrounded by north easterners, but after living in DC and NY for 12 years, I became one myself. A lot has changed in the ATL since I've been gone, and I think a lot for the better. I love finding the neighborhoods that are gems - all in the south and east and west of the city - basically the old areas with soul that have been revived if they were falling desolate. Gentrification has occurred here too and it's a contentious issue as it is everywhere. The people who set up the cafes and coffee shops though are to be admired, because they create the third space which is so important for those of us who are artists, freelancers, and cafe philosophers - the ones who just like to meet friends for a coffee or go read a book in that environ. The charming neighborhoods all have some of these places. A few glimpses are below. If you live here, you probably even know where they are :) Also, Oakland Cemetery is not to be missed - it's such a fascinating and beautiful place to visit - they have the coolest events, like on Halloween, and for farm to table dinners and other events. Tons of history there and in this area. History buffs are delighted.