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Journeys of transition

If this title caught your eye, then perhaps you have experienced such a journey. Mine seemed to begin several years ago, at least around 3 now. What is it that I'm always searching for? My mother thinks that I've always been searching for something but no one knows what. I've been labeled a wanderer, a gypsy, a nomad, a vagabond and more. I don't disagree. I love to travel and have to have movement in my life. I have so many passions and interests that it is difficult to choose just one and focus on it. When I do focus, I have extreme focus. So I have set out to share my transitional journey from one career to a more creative and artistic life - where vocation is one that I enjoy and becomes my life instead of a job or work that I partially hate and kills me. I'm still on this journey - part of it has been to write, I believe. So many people over the years told me that I am a natural writer and others said they saw me writing books in my future. At the very least, I am sharing my struggle. I read lots of books, always have since childhood. I like to share so I will share them with you, books that I thought would help me, and what material resonated with me. I love photography as well so will share photos and stories. I will share where I went to find inspiration as one of my favorite things in life is to wander around and photograph and see beauty everywhere. I manage to find it in places that not everyone would see it, but a few of us do. Part of life is going through hard times - I will share what has helped me because I feel that one of my purposes in life is to help others. I often sought help and it was nowhere I could find it so I suffered perhaps more than necessary. There are many things I wonder and philosophize about. The last several years I felt that I was an entrepreneur but couldn't quite settle on just one idea - but I encountered many creatives and entrepreneurs who did inspire me. I love to share why they inspired me and what I like about them. This blog, in summary, will also be a repository of lessons learned and helpful information I hope - what to do when you don't know what to do - in life situations.